Please review our pilot service and our goal to help you with innovation via startup discovery

Site Reviewers: We’re looking for your feedback.

If you’re with a news org, brand or agency, please review this pilot site, where we are curating and aggregating startup discovery information and services. Once you review the site, please complete our 5-Minute Feedback Survey.

We are developing an initial four sections of the site. They are:

1. Create a Brief.

In our research, we found that many corporations have not taken time to define the high-level criteria they can use to filter prospective startups. Our simple tool is merely one way to begin defining and collaborating on the criteria. Optionally, we suggest you post briefs here, anonymously if you prefer. RJI faculty, fellows, and students meet dozens of startups a year, and we’ll point them to Brief Listings. We’ll also use the aggregate data in the briefs in for research projects.

2. Search for Startups

Also in our research, we identified early-stage companies who are working to help solve startup discovery needs by aggregating databases of startups. We have initially selected three of these companies as business partners. They offer uniques approaches to startup search and other services for media, brands and agencies.

3. Insider Q&A

At the bottom of this page and at the top, Insider Q&A aims to create a peer-to-peer community on startup discovery experiences by our audience of professionals in media, marketing and advertising.

4. Coming: Events and Research Services for Startup Discovery

In our update to this pilot site, we’ll be announcing a series of events with our business partners, and informing you about how your corporation can contract with us for research services relating to evaluating startups.

Site Reviewers: Try our simple Brief tool by registering

Choose your company type below and create a quick Brief to help you and your team get on the same page in defining startups you’re interested in. You can download your Brief as a PDF and use it to send to startups who contact you as a way to inform them of your criteria versus having to respond to every contact.







Site Reviewers: Review our business partners for startup discovery




Realizing Innovation is a starting point for your Startup Discovery. We aggregate information and access to third party tools and services. Our partner companies offer different access to and services related to startups. In the near future, we’ll tie your Briefs, Q&A’s, and work with RJI to these partners so you can save time by completing most of your discovery work here.

INSIDER Q&A: Crowd-sourced answers to your questions about startups

Tap the power of the crowd. Ask Mizzou alum and others working in media, brand marketing and at agencies about their work with startups. What is their experience and feedback on types of technology or specific specific startups?

Q&A’s can be anonymous on both ends. Also, please reply to questions to add additional related information, and of course, we’re looking for your answers to others’ questions. Also, our advisors (found via Feedback) have agreed to privately answer questions you have for any of them.


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